• Marketing and Tourism Director

    Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism
    Job Description
    TITLE: Marketing and Tourism Coordinator for the Northfield Convention and Visitors Bureau Status: Part-time The Northfield Convention and Visitors Bureau seeks experienced, dynamic self-starter to direct and coordinate tourism development and promotion. Degree and experience in marketing, communications, public relations or related area. Experience with website management, basic photography and social media highly desirable. Salary based on qualifications and experience. E-mail cover letter, resume, two work samples, and three references to tourism@northfieldchamber.com by February 17, 2014. The Northfield CVB is an equal opportunity employer. SUMMARY: 1. Direct and coordinate a comprehensive program of tourism development and promotion for Northfield, Minnesota. 2. To serve the best interest of Northfield?s tourism economy and community in soliciting group business and visitors to the area. 3. To expand Northfield?s market share of tourist business. 4. To increase the number, average expenditure and stay of the visitors. 5. To make recommendations regarding CVB Advisory Board, goals, objectives and policies. 6. To plan, organize and coordinate the CVB?s programs and activities within the parameters of the budget and goals established. 7. Staffs and manages Northfield Convention and Visitors Bureau, located in the Northfield Chamber of Commerce office. Day to day supervision provided by Chamber of Commerce Executive Director. 8. Occasional evening and weekend hours required. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The following are primary functions of this job and its scope of responsibility, but should not be considered an all-inclusive listing of work requirements. Coordinator may perform other duties as assigned. 1. Responsible for the operations of the CVB in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 2. Documentation and maintenance of CVB records, files and other office properties. 3. Maintain records of travel and conference inquires and leads. 4. Monitor the financial condition of the CVB and assist the Executive Director with the preparation of an annual operating budget. 5. Responsible for the coordination of CVB functions, events, programs and meetings. 6. Attend pertinent meetings that will benefit the local tourism efforts. 7. Operate under an annual budget and marketing plan. 8. Develop and implement a business/marketing plan for the conference/meeting market. 9. Develop new or improved programs to attract athletic, cultural or special events to the City of Northfield. 10. Participate in conference and trade associations. 11. Conduct market research and studies as needed. 12. Assist with the development and overall production of brochures and other promotional materials. 13. Develop and maintain a media advertising campaign and assess its impact. 14. Secure leads and maintain files on local, state, regional, and national prospects. 15. Attend exhibits to promote Northfield as a meeting site and a destination for visitors. 16. Provide visitors information to conference planners and tour operators. 17. Work with area visitor and meeting facilities and attractions in the planning of cooperative marketing efforts. 18. Contact clubs, organizations, and business firms to encourage them to invite their affiliates from other areas to convene in Northfield. 19. Represent the CVB and Chamber in policy, activities, and programs. 20. Maintain a working relationship with individuals, organizations and businesses that participate in, or can help with, the local tourism effort.
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