• Aurora Pharmaceutical, LLC

    Aurora Pharmaceutical, LLC

    Aurora Pharmaceutical was named the Northfield Area Chamber's 2019 Business of the Year. 

    The Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Aurora Pharmaceutical, LLC has been named as “2019 Business of the Year.”  This award recognizes a business in the Northfield area that has Chamber and community involvement/contributions, along with expansion or business growth, renovation or redevelopment, new job creation, new employer and or facility, and has not been selected in the past ten years.
    “Aurora Pharmaceutical, LLC has grown tremendously in the past five years.” Said Chamber President Todd Bornhauser.  “The company started in 2014 with three employees and one product.  Today they have increased to over sixty employees and a product line of twelve.  To accommodate a growing marketplace, they are expanding their current building in 2019-20.  They could have built elsewhere, but their committed to staying and growing in our community.”
    How did the business get started? 
    In 1981, Dr. Warner started Cannon Valley Vet Clinic. He hired Dr. Mike Strobel, who had just graduated from veterinarian school and came to Northfield in 1982. The two became partners specializing in solving peoples' problems. In 2002, they saw a niche in the equine health products and by 2010 they built the Aurora campus.
    What products or services do you sell?  
    Aurora manufactures, distributes and sells veterinarian medicines nationally. They have grown from manufacturing one (1) product to twelve (12) products today.
    What's the one thing your business is known for over your competitors?  
    Quality staffing. Strobel feels he's created ''a team of people and together, as it's the team who has gotten us here.'' His motto it team-oriented, growing together, creating an atmosphere of loyalty and feeling proud to work at Aurora. 
    Strobel says that the staff are all trained in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).  GMP is a practice required in order to conform to the guidelines recommended by agencies that control the authorization and licensing of the manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals.
    Bob Rehurek, Director of Sales and Marketing, says he is proud to launch their inaugural issue of their new publication: DVM Business Essentials. It's a quarterly publication to bring relevant, informative articles and news allowing their constituents to better understand their product offering, their manufacturing capabilities and their outstanding people and  most of all, their customers.
    Who is your target market?  
    Strobel answers, "The swine and equine industries and also domestic and international beef, dairy and companion animal markets. We have some exciting growth plans in front of us... stay tuned!"
    Is there anything additional you would like fellow Chamber members to know about your business?  
    Strobel says that he and his team are very committed to the community. He is considerate of his employee's needs, family time, competitive benefits and community enhancements. He is thoughtful of Aurora's value to the Northfield community. He purposefully and generously gives back, supporting various causes, foundations and donations. 
    What would you offer to someone considering starting his/her own business?
    "Take the risk. Don't be afraid. After you've taken that first big risk," he adds," take calculated risks after that." 

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