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    Describe your business: Professional Pride Realty, LLC is a locally owned, one of a kind real estate Brokerage that specializes in the residential buying and selling process. In an ever changing, fast paced digital and social marketplace, Consumers can be overwhelmed with information.  We specialize in helping you decipher the information and provide for you a process custom tailored to fit your specific real estate needs. We do so by creating a custom road map and setting your expectations for a smooth and successful transaction.
    How did the business get started? The idea of starting a new independent brokerage was about getting back to the basics of customer service and being able to control the process. Like most business models in a competitive marketplace businesses become volume minded and less consumer friendly. It was also important to be to become a bigger part of the community that we live and work in. Owning a company affords me the opportunity to make a difference.
    What services do you offer? We really specialize in Residential Real Estate. Helping people list or purchase homes on the Multiple Listing Service. We also help people connect with local contractors and businesses to help maximize their opportunities and be successful in their goals of buying and selling.
    What’s the one thing your business is known for over your competitors? Our strongest asset is that our full time, local agents are here to slow down process and build lifelong customers by listening to your needs and then implementing a plan of action to get it done. In a marketplace full of gimmicks, ours is just good old customer service and professionalism.
    Who is your target market: Our Target Market is our local school district 659. Though we are licensed to sell in the entire state of Minnesota, we are targeting a 20 mile radius of Northfield.
    Have economic changes affected your business? The Covid 19 pandemic we are all facing has certainly slowed our economy down but the real estate Marketplace remains strong. With historically low rates and unprecedented low inventory, it remains a great time to buy or sell. We have adjusted the way we do things in order to keep our clients safe, while continuing to keep our economic futures moving in the right direction. We will come out of this and people will still need to move. We will likely have less buyers as a result of the job loss, but that will eventually come back as well as the economy recovers.
    How do you market your business? We advertise locally on the radio, print, and digital. We find our best success is by just getting involved in the community. We do so by taking part in all of the local events like DJJD, Home and Garden Show, Winter Walk and other events. Supporting charitable organizations and promoting our schools remain our favorite. Building a strong community makes for a good real estate marketplace and encourages others to do the same.
    Why are expanding into Northfield? We want to continue to grow our business here as we are a very small company compared to our competitors and I would like to impact our industry on a local level. I believe if we hold ourselves to a higher standard, then it will force our competitors to do the same. A strong competitive atmosphere is what benefits the consumer and in the end, builds a stronger community.
    What additional information would you like us to know about you or your business. We just want to get the message out that we are considered essential and we are here to serve your real estate needs. If you're looking to be treated with respect and would like to see a little PRIDE and professionalism in your next real estate transaction, give us a try! We are your friends, neighbors and community supporters here to serve you.
    Pete Mergens
    Professional Pride Realty, LLC
    203 3rd Street West
    Northfield, MN 55057