• Chamber Chat

    Every third Tuesday of the month, Northfield Chamber of Commerce President Lisa Peterson will talk with a local business leader about their company and the work they do. They will discuss the business climate in Northfield, and how businesses can make a positive impact on the community. Peterson will also give an update on the goings on at the Chamber and the Convention & Visitors Bureau each month, with news on upcoming programs and initiatives.
    Tuesday, July 20, 2021
    Chamber Chat with guest Pete Mergens of Professional Pride Realty

    This month on Chamber Chat, Lisa talks with Pete Mergens about how he got into the real estate business, starting his company, his personal sales philosophy and why he so enjoys living and working in Northfield, Minnesota.

    Lisa Peterson

    Tuesday, June 15, 2021
    Chamber Chat with guest Jim Loe of Community Resource Bank

    On the premier edition of Chamber Chat, host Lisa Peterson, President of the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce, talks with Community Resource Bank president Jim Loe about the challenges of steering a bank through the waters of a global pandemic, the importance of a trustworthy, local bank to a community.

    Lisa Peterson