• A note from our 2018 outgoing board chair: Martha Kasper

    Dear Members of Our Chamber Community,
    Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Chair for the Chamber Board of Directors in 2018. I've been honored to work with exceptional board members, and we, along with our President Todd Bornhauser, have worked to be advocates for your businesses. Statistics have shown that cities and towns cannot be sustained without healthy business-friendly environments that promote the creation of jobs, retail shopping, hospitality, eating establishments, and a host of other local venues to encourage people to buy local rather than taking their dollars elsewhere.
    Each year, the incoming Chair for the Board chooses the theme for the year. After much thought, I chose "Moving to Big Potential" based on principles in the book "Big Potential" by Shawn Achor. For me, the standout point of the book was that we are surrounded by people who can make a difference, who are talented in their own ways, and who often think outside the box. The goal is to let them brainstorm with freedom from micromanaging, empower them to do amazing things, and let them shine.
    It was an exciting year to see how "Moving to Big Potential" became a reality as the Chamber, CVB, NDDC, and NEC moved under one roof to the new Bridge Square location to work towards becoming a collaborative partnership for not only our businesses but also for residents and visitors alike. Throughout the year, I watched with excitement and gratitude as you participated in events, provided generous sponsorships, and volunteered endless hours to ensure the successes of the Golfapalooza, Winter Walk, the Annual Fall Gala, Morning Business Brews, and Business after Hours, to name just a few. Your unique talents, perspectives, and dedication served to strengthen our community, and it all goes to the Big Potential effect when people are given the opportunity to collaborate with extraordinary results.
    2018 found our Ambassadors taking on greater roles in events, and they became the shining faces of our Chamber. They have become creative and indomitable resources, energizing our community and exhibiting a boundless attitude of service to others.
    We had many other successes this past year, and I'm thrilled how people were able to shine because they were given the chance to make a real difference. We celebrated milestone anniversaries of businesses and events. We ended the year financially healthy as a result of successful events and strong fiscal responsibility. You were all integral in those successes.
    Once again, thank you for all your efforts to make our area a better place to live and do business. I have been extremely honored to get to know you and serve you.
    Wishing you successes in all your endeavors,
    Martha Kasper

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