• Volunteer Opportunities

    Posted: 03/22/2020

    Help support urgent community needs while keeping in mind the following:

    Honor the public health recommendations. The best and most effective way to help is to #STAYHOME. Do all of the things public health officials recommend: handwashing, limiting exposure, etc. but if you are not feeling well, please stay home and get well. Thanks to people who think like you, there will be plenty of volunteers to help when needed.

    Practice Social Distancing. If you are delivering supplies and/or food to a family or organization, Follow social distancing best practices: call or text in advance to notify them you’re going to drop off items on their front porch, ring the doorbell, and move away from the door.  

    Look for opportunities that are limited in size. Organizations know how important of a role they play in minimizing the spread of the disease. If you are committed to volunteering with others, look for a group size of 10 or less, and keep your distance (6 feet apart).  Remember, even when you are volunteering alone you are making a difference.

    Please remember, the best and most effective way you can help curtail the spread of the coronavirus is to STAY HOME, sanitize, and practice spatial distancing.
    https://northfieldshares.galaxydigital.com/need/?s=1&need_init_id=3078 for current opportunities.