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Winter Walk


Winter Walk 2023 - December 7 starting at 5pm.

Join us in celebrating the 25th Annual Winter Walk! Join us for the highlight of the season!

Get ready for a festive extravaganza with horse-drawn wagons, heartwarming caroling, pictures with Santa and the Grinch, twinkling luminaries, beautifully decorated store fronts and so much more.

Indulge in the joy of holiday shopping with fantastic deals and savor the flavors of amazing food throughout the evening.

Exciting additions this year include a Flash Mob, Window, Tree & Gingerbread House Decorating Contests, real-life reindeer, a DJJD Royalty Storytime, and to top it all off—fireworks at 8:45 pm to celebrate our 25th anniversary in style!

Click HERE for this year's program information

2023 Winter Walk Ornament Hunt

Embark on the enchanting Winter Walk Ornament Hunt – the official kickoff to Winter Walk! Starting at 8 am on Monday, December 4th, the quest begins with the first clue leading you on a festive journey. Clues can be found below, along with the Northfield News' website, KYMN, and Facebook pages.  Follow the clues revealed each day through Tuesday and Wednesday, culminating in the final clue on Thursday. This year's ornament is in the form of bells- Let the holiday adventure begin! Winner receives $1000.  The event is graciously sponsored by Northfield WIFI, Rock Hard Construction and Northfield Retirement Community. Thank you so much and good luck. You can find the rules HERE.

Clue 4

Clue written to the song “Silver Bells”

Busy highway, flooding river 

What a po-p-lar club

And a Village that welcomes the Pickler

See the burch boy, near the three trees 

Eating white Christmas bark

From the top of the T he looks North

Silver bells, silver bells

There in the midst of rocky rubble

Near the wet, but stay dry

Soon silver bells will be found 

Clue 3

Clues written to the song “Silver Bells”

Start and stopping, interruptin
Just can’t go but three miles
And it’s time we the people get mileage
Add a section, get it roaring
Twenty-five is the goal
Co-ome o-one come a-all, you’ll see


Silver Meg, Silver Peg
Look what you’ve done for connections
Mill around, bells abound
To-geth-er we will be linked

Clue 2

Clues written to the song “Silver Bells”

Lum-in-a-ries, leave a trail that

Light our walkways at night

And you shoppers rush home with your goodies

Spending muni, while we’re bonding, 

Twenty-five years too long

But above all the vision lives on

Silver steels, silver deels

This place not lacking a quandary

Roll along, stroll along

To-ge-ther we can be whole

Clue 1

Clues Written to Silver Bells

Brisk cold winters, gristy white stuff

Spread from city to town 

Oh the route through our main street is bustling

It’s been years an, anniversary 

Twenty-five to be right

And at every store fro-ont you see

Silver deals, Silver steals

There’s cocoa hot on the corner

Reindeer Rides, Santa Clause

To-ge-ther we can be one


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